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Alfred’s Seedling Heat Mat will help to give your seeds and clones a strong and healthy start.

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Product description

Our heavy-duty Seedling Heat Mat raises the germination and rooting area temperature to approximately 20°F/11°C above ambient temperature, encouraging rapid seed germination and the successful.

Alfred’s Seedling Heat Mat is made from highly durable, waterproof, industrial grade PVC. Thanks to the internal ambient temperature monitor, our heat mats provide consistent, even warming.

Alfred’s Seedling Heat Mat includes a 6 foot power cord and is powered by standard 120V power outlets.
Creates a warm environment for seedlings and plants to grow
Speeds germination
Increases cloning success rates
Improves germination and rooting
Instructions included on the mat
Durable and safe construction
Certification MET/cMet, Ce, RoHS
6ft power cord
Ideal for use with Alfred’s Seedling Tray and Alfred’s Propagation Dome (sold separately)
1 Year warranty
Voltage: 120V 60Hz 20W
Size: 10” x 20.75"
Weight: 0.38 kg