Fearless Gardener - FEARLESS PROTECTOR [0-0-2]

Quantity: 4

Protector is a very unique product that provides additional potassium and silica. Protector aids in thicker stalks and stems which leads to better uptake of nutrients and the ability to withstand high temperatures and heavy fruit loads. For best results, use as directed and remember – less is more!


Always shake bottle well before using. Adding slowly to nutrient tank will avoid clouding or using warm water will help dissolve material faster. Adjust pH after adding Protector.

Always mix with fresh water before adding to nutrient tank. Remix new amount each time the tank is changed (7-10 days). Great results in water culture. Go back to regular feeding schedule after a strong root structure is formed.

Rooted Cuttings/Seedlings: 5mL per 4L or 1 tsp per gallon
All Mature Plants (Indoor / Outdoor): 10mL per 4L or 2 tsp per gallon
Hydroponics & Water Culture: Mix 10mL per 4L of nutrient solution or 2 tsp per gallon

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