Shady Optics - Shady Optics Grow Room Sunglasses

No more headaches or eye floaters! Grow room sunglasses that color correct and filter out harmful UV rays without darkening your room

Article number: 129073
Quantity: 12

Working in your grow room day-after-day can be not only exhausting to your eyes, but can also cause irreparable damage as well. The worst part is you might not even notice the damage…until it’s too late.

Sure, you can try some regular sunglasses (impairing your vision by making the room darker), but they might not even filter out the UV rays that actually damage your eyes. Regular sunglasses won’t color correct HPS lighting either, making it very hard to see bugs, disease, and other plant problems.

You need sunglasses that:

  • Won’t impair your vision or make your room darker than it already is
  • Will protect your eyes from your super bright lamps
  • Will color correct your room so you can see your green plants (instead of the washed out orange hue that HPS lighting creates)
  • Are stylish (sorry Kanye)

Shady Optics are 100% UV protection glasses with color correction meant for HPS lighting – everything stays bright and crystal clear, but your eyes get the protection they need.

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