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Maximum Efficiency. Optimal Yield.

FlowerMax™ is an outstanding solution for crops requiring high yet uniform light levels. MAXimize plant growth with 3000K normalized photon flux spectrum optimal for flowering. Replacing a 1000W HID light fixture with energy-efficient 600W FlowerMax automated grow lights will lower overhead costs and increase yield. For maximum PPFD and yields, the unit consists of six Grobar X™ channels. The scalability, flexibility, and yield potential of our FlowerMax automated grow lights make them ideal for growers with medium to large growing operations.

FlowerMax™ features remote power systems up to 24 KW, capable of residing on one 50-amp breaker with up to 480V three-phase power. The system takes care of the little details that have so much bearing on the health and eventual yield of your plants, allowing you to spend less time on busy work and more time on your vision. These grow lights integrate with automated lighting controls, increasing rebates, simplifying dimming and scheduling, and even allowing for tunable PPFD to relieve plant acclimation periods. Best of all, FlowerMax™ decreases heat in cultivation areas while decreasing costs related to wiring, plugs, electrical junctions, and circuit breaker installation due to its low voltage DC power grids.

It’s a no-brainer – our FlowerMax™ automated grow lights lower energy costs, increase yields, and make growers’ lives easier. If that wasn’t enough, its versatility and ease of installation allows for a wide range of customization options, ensuring that these grow lights can be installed in a configuration that’s optimal for your specific grow space. Ask us about our free lighting layouts or leverage our consulting service, GroAdvisor™, to make the most of your available space and resources. To order your FlowerMax™ automated grow lights, call us at (800) 891-3705 or contact us online today!

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